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Martine Jackson


Martine Jackson graduated from the University of Cape Town’s Michaelis School of Fine Art in 2000.


Jackson works in a ceramic studio established in 1978 by her late mother, Barbara Jackson, a well-established ceramicist who had first introduced Martine to clay at the young age of five. She continues the creative lineage that dates back to her late grandfather, Morris Adler, a sculptor.

Jackson’s ceramics draw inspiration from nature, fashion, homeware and especially graphic design. Each piece is hand-built using the coil method and is distinguished by striking organic shapes and repetitive patterns that emphasize perspective.


Though there is a dynamic tension between the structure of each piece and the surface decoration; between rhythmic symmetry and asymmetrical nuances of form and colour, the lasting impression is one of harmony and balance. “I am at my most peaceful and happiest when working with clay,” she says.


“The process of sculpting and painting is meditative and transports me to a timeless, relaxed state of being.” Jackson’s keen appreciation for design and graphics is also reflected in her unique talent for mixed media. Her work has been chosen as a finalist in the Brett Kebble Art Awards and she recently featured in a ceramics group exhibition at Amaridian, a leading art gallery in New York.


Martine is also the creative co-director of the Carrol Boyes brand overseeing all creative aspects of the company, including promotional material and product development. She has designed and developed two ranges for the company, ‘Curve’, a ceramic range and ‘Splash’, a stainless steel range.


In addition to her bespoke art, Jackson is the founder of a social enterprise called MJ.VISUAL, which produces beaded murals and portraits.


Ceramic Pots
Ceramic Bowls
Ceramic Lights
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